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Residential and Commercial Landscaping
W&W Nursery & Landscaping has been enriching the looks of homes with innovative landscaping designs and installation for over 20 years. Our designers have over 50 years of combined experience, college training in Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, and love plants just like you do!

With this service you will get one of our professionals to consult with you at your site. After measurements are and digital photos are gathered, a landscape blueprint is prepared, along with a digital representation of the proposed master plan. A detailed estimate form breaks down all materials and labor for your work, then you decide if the plan needs to be completed in stages, or if you are ready to go ahead with the whole proposal.

If you were selecting an artist to paint your portrait, you certainly wouldn't use "lowest bidder" as your only criteria. Past work, quality, reputation and creativity would fall into determining factors in your decision-making process. Likewise, we believe choosing the right landscape contractor should involve experience with past projects, quality workmanship and creative flair. At W & W Nursery & Landscaping, we start with considering your thoughts and needs, creating a "one of a kind" design, and finishing the job with good planting soil, locally grown plant material, professional nurseryman techniques, and our 100% service guarantee.

Our design team can assist you with plant selection and layouts to meet your needs. We can generally be available most days of the week excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

We recommend advanced booking.

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Design Rates:
Our design rates are $50 per hour. Designing the average home typically ranges in price from $200 to $400. The design fee is due once it has been viewed at our nursery. No design can leave our nursery unless a commitment has been made on plant material, job installation or design purchase.

Photorealistic Imagery designs are available for $125 per page.

Real Time Imaging is available for larger projects.

Note: Suggestions and plant selections in our sales yard are still free, charges apply only for design service.

Landscape Costs:
Design and installation of plant material starts at a minimum of $500.00. Our charges are based on the size and type of plants, soil preparation, mulch choices, hardscapes and lawn type installations. All plant material meets the A.N.L.A standards and is the best quality we can offer at the time of sale. One time sales are for chain retail stores, we at W & W Nursery & Landscaping build long term relationships with our customers.

Due to the high volume of scheduled installation projects, and in order to complete your design in a timely manner, W & W Nursery may assist you in selecting an approved landscape contractor for installation. All landscape contractors are certified by W & W and have the W & W certified logo.
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